Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

By Reviewer Shawna
Title: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls)
Author: Ally Carter
Primary Audience/age group: Teen
Genre: Spy
# Of pages: 236
Year of Release: 2007
Part of a Series? Yes, 2 of 2 (so far)
Rating: 4

Description: Cammie Morgan is back for another semester at her ultra-secret spy school. Now that she’s broken it off with Josh, she’s made a commitment to not put her classmates in danger again. But when she finds out that her teachers are hiding secrets themselves, will she test the limits or keep her promise?

Review: I enjoyed this extension of the very fun first novel, I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You, even more. Cammie still has her wit but seems to have learned from her previous mistakes. Plus, there are some very interesting new characters.

Positive: Cammie has decided that she’s going to stop lying and sneaking around except when it’s for her training. She won’t let another boy or anything else for that matter come between she, her friends, family, and “matters of national security” again. As a result of her previous actions the school has tightened up security and Cammie is taken to secret headquarters to experience first-hand what happens to a spy for stepping out of boundaries.

Spiritual Elements: The school’s motto is “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” The Bible is not referenced here, but Cammie knows the motto by heart.

Violence: While in secret headquarters, Cammie and her mother are told that a small bomb has been planted on them and will detonate it they violate security. It was actually a joke.

A rumor going around school is that Cammie’s mom once killed a man with a copy of People magazine.

One of Cammie’s classmates bloodies her nose with a can of Pringles. There are a few mild physical combat scenes including one where a teacher is knocked out cold and his face is bleeding.

Language: none

Sexual Content: A humorous list is made with the girls wandering what Mr. Solomon looks like without his shirt on. Cammie’s classmates help her get ready for a “date” with one commenting that she has to look sexy for her date when in actuality she’s not really wearing anything sexy. Headmistress Morgan is referred to as a smokin’ babe by members of the boys school. There is one kiss attempt and one actual kiss.

Other: Macey’s dad isn’t very understanding and believes she cheated to get As and Bs in her classes. Macey plans to get back at him by getting all As.

Cammie’s mom is keeping something from her. She and the other teachers lied about why the East Wing is closed. Cammie makes a point that adults and teachers don’t always tell the truth. She thinks about sneaking into the East Wing but has second thoughts since she promised her mom she wouldn’t sneak around anymore. However, she and the other girls later sneak in.

The girls are required to attend a ball along with the guys from the boys’ school. Cammie wears a strapless dress that causes her bra to unhitch while she is dancing. She runs out only to be followed by Zach who never realizes what has happened even when Cammie has to kick the bra out of his site.

Rating: 4 for some mildly sexual humor and mild violence mentioning blood. I didn’t feel it was extreme enough to warrant a lower rating.

Recommendation: Cammie does end up breaking her promise of not sneaking around although she didn’t put any secrets in danger of being revealed this time. Overall, I thought it had an even better storyline than the first book. I absolutely loved the new twist to the story. I still would recommend age 15 and above but with a lot less reservations. I think I enjoyed it better, in part, for that reason.


Justina said...

what you said really helped me decide if i want to read this book. it sound really good.

Spy@heart said...

I have read the first and second book and really loved it, i hope she makes a third book.

Renesmee Cullen said...

i haven't read the first book, but I'll try to get it from a bookstore somewhere.

Renesmee Cullen said...

i haven't read the first book, but I'll try to get it from a bookstore somewhere.

Anonymous said...

AYYY! i like your revieews but i have to finish this book in a matterof days for school and this does not speed me up. sorry.

Anonymous said...

She's making a third book- coming out june 9, 2009. sounds really good i love the books!

Anonymous said...

i read the first book and loved it. i havnt read the second yet but i wanted to find out more about it. this really helped.

Anonymous said...

I have read the second and third book but I haven't read the first book yet! I hope she makes more! They are really good books and I love reading them!

natalie:D said...

I've read the first and second ones and I'm on the third right now. I just stared the thrid and it's allready really good I do hope she makes another one

Anonymous said...

I have read all 4 books and i dont think its not suitable for teens or young teens :)

Anonymous said...

I've read the first, second, and on the third now. Love these! Can't decide which is my fav, they're all great!