Thursday, January 10, 2008

Title: Crispin: The Cross of Lead
Author: Avi
Primary Audience/age group: Ages 9-12
Genre: Medieval Adventure/Thriller
# Of pages: 272
Year of Release: 2002
Part of a Series? Yes, 1 of 2 (so far)
Rating: 4 (See Below)

Imagine a 13 year-old boy, known only as Asta's son, living only to work. The only parent he's ever known, his mother, dies suddenly. Blinded with grief, his world is turned upside down. Added to his pain, he must soon run and fight for his life when he stumbles upon a secret meeting and overhears a conversation that was not meant for his ears.

Review: This book was a nice surprise. It was a page-turner that I hated to put down. The downside of the book was that it was a bit dark and depressing, but no language or unnecessary violence. The ages of 9-12 seem to be appropriate, though a person over 12 would also enjoy this book.

Positive: The main character is faced with one bad situation after another. One constant is his love for his mother, though he knows she wasn't always as loving as she could have been, and even after he discovers some things about her that he'd never known before. He is a man of his word, even at such a young age, and sticks to his values even in the worst of times.

Spiritual Elements: There is a large spiritual element in that the main character, a Catholic, is in so much trouble. He is constantly relying on his teaching and beliefs to sustain him.

Violence: There is some violence that is in line with the storyline. It is not too bad or gratuitous.

Language: No bad language.

Sexual Content: No sexual content.

Rating: I give this a strong 4, even leaning toward a 5. I am very excited about reading the next book.


windycindy said...

My nephew would love this book. Thanks for the review! Cindi

Christina said...

I have not read this book, but have heard great things about it! Thanks for sharing!!!

My FAVORITE Avi book was The End of the Beginning! What a riot!!! LOVED IT!!! And my kids have read it over and over and over!

BUT... be on guard! Many of Avi books are not the best choices. Sooo... remember, that just because one or two of an author's books are great, don't drop your guard!