Monday, December 29, 2008

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations AmandaSue! You won December's book giveaway! We've sent you an email to get your address!
If you didn't win, "It's Not About Me (Second Glances Series #1)" by Michelle Sutton is a great book for your teen daughters - I encourage you to read our review and give it a try!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our 5 Minutes for Mom Interview

Angi and I are proud to announce that our interview about Teen Lit Review has been posted at 5 Minutes for Mom, one of the most popular Mom Blogs around. We don't always get the chance to go into detail about how and why we started our site, but this interview has allowed us to do so. Please click on the button above to read it. Thank you 5 Minutes for Mom!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Book Giveaway!

This month's book giveaway is a book we reviewed back in August. It's Not About Me (Second Glances Series #1) by Michelle Sutton is a great book for teen girls, ages 16 and up. You can go HERE to read our review of the book. To enter, please leave a comment with an email address that we can notify you at if you win. IF, you post an entry about our giveaway, on your website/blog you will get 5 additional entries! Be sure to let us know if you do, so we can enter you the 5 extra times!
Drawing will be held 12/29/08 at noon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


By Reviewer Angi
Title: Choices
Author: Katrina L. Burchett
Primary Audience/age group: 16+
Genre: Young Adult
# Of pages: 328
Publisher: Kapri Books
Year of Release: 2007
Part of a Series? No
Rating: 3 (View Scale)
Recommend? Yes, With Reservations!

Description: Choices is a thought-provoking story about five teenage girls in the city of York, Pennsylvania and how the issue of teen sex affects each of their lives..... Shauntice Johnston has faith in God but the world of domestic abuse she lives in has left her with very little faith in the male gender. And then comes Terry, and her obedience to God's Word (flee fornication) is tested. Angel Nichols doesn't know her earthly father, doesn't care about the heavenly Father and feels neglected by her workaholic mother. She has had numerous sex partners since she was thirteen, trying to fill the void inside of her. LaKeeta Wilson is a Christian, but instead of doing it God's way and waiting for marriage she purposefully became pregnant out of wedlock. Bridgette Anderson practices abstinence in obedience to God, and, no matter what, she will not compromise her beliefs. But this saint still has her flaws. Hope Patterson is a plain dressing, soft-spoken timid Christian girl who lives a sheltered life because of her strict mother. Rebellion puts her in a dangerous situation.

Review: Choices is a very intense book. It deals with issues that few Christian books do. The story is graphic and hard hitting. The writing is excellent, and shed light on a reality that I was not very familiar with. I was rooting for all the girls and shed quite a few tears as I read about the tough choices they made. Issues such as rape, domestic abuse, premarital sex, teen pregnancy, abstinence, and death are all addressed.

Rating: 3, for adult situations and detailed description of intense situations.

Positive: All the situations presented in Choices are ones that happen everyday in Christian and non-Christian households. I like how the consequences of poor decision making are shown. Often times teens don’t consider the consequences before they do something, and this book is a great avenue to have them consider that bad choices have bad consequences. Shauntice is very loving and dedicated to her mother, during a time when it would be easy to be angry and resentful to her. All the characters have redeeming qualities, that leave you rooting for them.

Spiritual Elements: What is special about this book is that all these situations are presented in such a manner to lead the reader to Christ. We all have choices to make in how we lead our life, it’s up to us to make the choice that honors God. There is a clear presentation of salvation and the author invites all readers to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

Violence: There is quite a bit of violence in this book. Details are given when Shauntice’s Mom is abused by her husband, and when one of the characters is raped.

Language: The d*** word is mentioned, I believe twice, and the b**** word is mentioned.

Sexual Content: Very frank talk about sex, relationships and intense details of rape are all a part of the story.

Other: Some of the teens drank alcohol.

Recommendation: I would recommend you read this book before letting your daughter read it. What I liked about the book was how it dealt with the issues and brought it all back to Christ. Unlike other books for this age group, it does not glamorize pre-marital sex - it deals with it honestly. Getting to the core reasons of why do teenage girls have sex, does he really love you, and ultimately - who does love you no matter what you’ve done? No matter all our bad choices and mistakes, Christ is waiting for you to seek His forgiveness and invite Him to live in your heart. If you have a daughter ready for a very realistic, frank book then this a great one to read!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet Our Newest Teen Reviewer

Rachel DiBacco, 17, is one of our teen reviewers who loves reading and writing. She hopes to be able to have a career in writing and is presently working on writing a book.

She was drawn to our site because of her personal struggle of "reading books that [weren't] pleasing to God." She used to use the excuse of, "It was too good. I couldn't put it down. I can't do everything right," she states. She feels now she is reaping the consequences of those choices, and she hopes to inspire other teens to not make the same mistakes. She has written her personal testimony and wants to share more about her struggle along with some sound advice for other teens about making good choices in regard to books. Here is her testimony:

"My parents have been in the same church since I was born. They have always been full fledged Christians, giving their all for the Lord. Unfortunately, I thought that this was enough to keep my life one that is pleasing to the Lord. At the age of 15, I started to tread some worldly territory that I shouldn't have even thought of walking on. It started with music, books, and movies. Then I found myself denying that Christ was my Savior.

I mostly had a problem with books, and after I came back to the Lord I found it hard to decipher what I should read and what i should not. I will tell you something simple, but very important: what you allow in your mind, stays there, and if you allow unrighteous things to come in, the devil can use them to make you stray from the Lord.

I would suggest when you start reading a book to first see if the content is clean. If there is a lot of language or suggestive content put it down even if it is at the beginning. Don't say to yourself, "Maybe the book will get cleaner" because it probably will become worse, and it will be harder to put down. Also, be careful about the darkness in a book (demonic activity and magic). Some magic is fantasy, but most is real. We have to remember that the devil is real and powerful, and his minions are also powerful.

In summary, don't compromise. It is so easy to do. *The Lord hates [when we] are lukewarm, and He says in His Word that He will spit those people out of His mouth. It hurts me to know that I was in that place. Let's be hot for the Lord!"

*God says this about being lukewarm: "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot. Since you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth." Revelation 3: 15, 16 NIV.

Thanks, Rachel! Please visit here to see Rachel's reviews.

Hangman's Curse

By Teen Reviewer Rachel
Title: Hangman's Curse: Book 1 in The Veritas Project
Author: Frank Peretti
Primary Audience/age group: 13+
Genre: Christian Science Fiction
# Of pages: 288
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Year of Release: 2001
Part of a Series? Yes, Veritas Project series; 1 of 2
Rating: 4 View Scale
Recommend? Yes

Description: Nate and Sarah Springfield and their teenage children, Elijah and Elisha, are undercover investigators. They are chosen to inspect some strange occurrences at Bakers High School. Many of the students have suddenly become sickened with a deadly disease that seems to have no cure. Rumor has it that its because of a "curse". The Springfield's are determined to find the truth behind these strange events.

Review: Hangman's Curse: Book 1 in The Veritas Project is one of those keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat books. It is an intriguing story!!!!

Rating: 4 for some violence.

Positive: Peretti keeps this book clean and wholesome. The Springfield's are caring people, and they have good morals, which they stand on.

Spiritual Elements: Throughout the entire book spirituality is prevalent. The Springfield's stand up for their beliefs in God. Elijah and Elisha become students at Bakers High School, and at one point their science teacher talks about evolution. They say that evolution is wrong, and that God created man. There are many times when they stand up for their beliefs in a higher power, one being a conversation on humanism which they have with some of the students. They also pray to God, asking him for his strength and guidance.

Violence: There is some violence, but not much. Peretti creates suspense without putting "gore" into this book.

Language: none

Sexual Content: none

Other: Some of the kids in the high school are mean to the "weird" students. There are a group of teens that are constantly made fun of and mocked;
hwever, it is clearly stated that this is wrong.

Recommendation: I totally recommend this book. It will keep you interested. However, it might be scary for younger children.

Please read Rachel's personal testimony on choosing moral books for teens.