Saturday, April 11, 2009

11 Birthdays

By Reviewer Dianne
Title: 11 Birthdays
Author: Wendy Mass
Primary Audience/age group: 9 - 12
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
# Of pages: 267
Publisher: Scholastic
Year of Release: 2009
Part of a Series? No
Rating: 5
Recommend? Yes

Description: Amanda and Leo have known each other forever. Really. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital, and have celebrated every birthday together since...until this year. Their eleventh birthday will be different. After a falling out on their tenth birthday and unkind words that couldn’t be retrieved, they have not spoken for a whole year. Neither was looking forward to celebrating without the other. At the end of the day Amanda fell into bed relieved that it was over, only to wake up the next day to find her birthday repeating itself...over and over.

Review: This book was fun to read...imagine the dilemma of repeating a day over and over until you got it right! Amanda and Leo are the only ones aware of their predicament, and try to correct the situation by taking different actions each day, noting the consequences of their actions. This book delves into some of the emotions and problems facing middle schoolers – teasing, best friends, jealous classmates, older sisters. Amanda and Leo find solutions and are likable characters who learn the value of friendship.

Rating: 5

Positive: Amanda and Leo realize how much they miss each other and are willing to put hard feelings aside to renew their friendship. They become aware of the consequences of their actions and come to the conclusion that being kind and helpful is much more satisfying than being self centered.

Spiritual Elements: None Рaside from the one suggestion to try a s̩ance to see if they could get some information they were seeking. They decided against that idea.

Violence: None

Language: None

Sexual Content: None – It was nice to read a book where a boy and a girl could be just friends with no romantic involvement.

Recommendation: Yes. This is a lighthearted fantasy that still will give young teens (and pre-teens) something to think about. Fun to read!

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