Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Giveaway - Zoe Lucky

This month we are giving away the book Zoe Lucky: and the Green Gables' Mystery - by M Carol Coffey. This was a fun book appropriate for teens ages 12 and up! The review of Zoe Lucky will be posted tomorrow. To enter, leave a comment telling us how to contact you if you win. For a bonus entry - tell us the title of your favorite YA book of all time. **For five additional entries - subscribe to our newsletter!** The drawing will be held March 8th around noon. Good Luck!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finding Hollywood Nobody

By Reviewer Shawna Title: Finding Hollywood Nobody (Hollywood Nobody Series, Book 2)
Author: Lisa Samson
Primary Audience/age group: Young Adult
Genre: Christian Chick Lit
# Of pages: 191
Publisher: Nav Press
Year of Release: 2008
Part of a Series? Yes, 2 of 4
Rating: 3 (View Scale)
Recommend? Yes
Read the Review for Hollywood Nobody, Book 1

Description: From Amazon: “For fifteen-year-old Scotty Dawn, life is starting to resemble a movie. After learning that her movie-industry mom is actually her grandmother, Scotty receives more shocking news: Her father was killed by the mob. With his murderer still at large, Scotty hides out on a film set in Texas. There she encounters old rivals, new friends, and a young girl caught in a desperate situation. But in the middle of her fears and intense loneliness, Scotty discovers the life-changing power of prayer.”

Review: Lisa Samson’s hip Scotty Dawn is back in this sequel with more drama and adventure. From trying to lose the mysterious Biker Guy who is heavy on Scotty’s tracks to dealing with the over-dramatic teen actress Karissa Bonano, Finding Hollywood Nobody is as fresh and spunky as the original. With Scotty growing in maturity and searching for her own personal relationship with God, she’s a great role model to any teen trying to find her way into adulthood. Samson has created a very real, very lovable role in Scotty and has yet again received a high recommendation in my book.

Rating: 3 for mature situations dealing with teens

Positive: Scotty’s life may seem fairly crazy at times, but she realizes she doesn’t have it all that bad, especially when she meets Grace, an unwed pregnant teen living in an abandoned house. Scotty befriends Grace and an underlying “Right to Life” theme becomes visible in the storyline. As well, Scotty is surrounded by positive role models and supportive mentors who are able to offer her godly advice. She also realizes her life and decisions do not have to revolve around a boy.

Spiritual Elements: Scotty finds God in the first book but is made aware He isn’t the center of her life in this sequel. She also deals with some very real issues in many teens’ lives, questioning her own sincerity with prayer and being embarrassed by spiritual matters.

Violence: Grace is in an abusive relationship. Scotty’s mother may have been murdered.

Language: There’s some name-calling: lying wench.

Sexual Content: Scotty believes Seth has slept with Karissa.

Other: Gossip circulates about a teen actress with a cocaine addiction. Charley, Scotty’s grandmother, had several live-in boyfriends when Scotty was a baby. Grace is unwed and pregnant and is shone God’s love.

Recommendation: The real-to-life storylines about Scotty’s spiritual walk make Finding Hollywood Nobody a fun and light-hearted way to not only entertain but also answer some very timely questions concerning God in teen’s lives today.